Planar Flux is a hybrid pattern cutting technique that is sustainable, innovative and aesthetically engaging. It provides a practical and feasible solution to environmental concerns in design while also balancing the need for a successful business model. It draws inspiration from topology and the Subtraction Cutting models to take a leap into 'futuristic creative direction' that hints at multi-dimensional concepts in design.

The Planar Flux Handbook and video is part of the official course material at Iowa State University for Experimental Pattern Cutting

Stadium Concrete Seats

Planar Flux was developed in 2015 by Sanah Sharma during her final year of fashion designing from Pearl Academy, India where she graduated with a first class in B.A.Hons. Ever since, she has been researching ongoing developments in innovative fashion and simultaneously developing newer ways of design creation. She is thankful to her idol and mentor Prof. Julian Roberts who has been a constant source of support and inspiration. 


Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) Award, USA


Zero-waste Design Winner, Faculty of Design, Slovenia

Best Academic Award, Pearl Academy, India

Most Innovative Collection, Pearl Academy, India

Second Prize, Melbourne Cup Design Competition, Australian Consulate-General (Chennai,India)

Merit Certificate & Gold medal, Fashion Studies, AISSCE

Sanah Sharma
Conceptual Pattern Cutting Innovator
Founder of Planar Flux
Founder & Creative Head of SANAH SHARMA


Dr.Ellen McKinney, Assistant Professor,

Iowa State University

Your Planar Flux technique is an innovative adaptation branching out from the Subtraction Cutting Technique of Julian Roberts.

I’m so glad Julian referred me to you.  It was perfect to study your technique following the study of his technique.  I also really appreciate that you took the time to speak to my graduate level Experimental Patternmaking course.  The students were very inspired by your pioneering 3D pattern-cutting technique. I look forward to see how you continue to evolve this technique going forward. 

Prof. Julian Roberts, MA Tutor for Mixed Media Textiles, Royal College of Art

Excerpts from the Subtraction Cutting website:


I really like her unifying approach and tenacity, and the video helps me reflect upon current ideas i’m developing myself which link together my own interests in pattern cutting, and long distance running.

... All this imaginative dynamism and geometric dance responds to the tactile nature of the material itself, and can best be described i think as ‘Textile Thinking’.

I always enjoy advising and mentoring new upcoming designers and makers, and would like to in turn thank Sanah Sharma for making this research work available to me and others to see, and inviting participation in helping extend it much further.




Research and study on existing models of fashion creation and experimentation to develop new techniques of innovative design with sustainability index. 


Aesthetic, innovative and sustainable fashion solutions for a responsible, intelligent and fashion-forward consumer.


Collaborations with designers and students to build a better future for fashion.



creativity is thinking new things,
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